Luka Doncic Called Out The Mavs For ‘Looking Like We Don’t Care’

Things are not going particularly well for the Dallas Mavericks right now. The team lost to the Utah Jazz on Friday night, which marked the their fourth loss in a row and seventh loss in their last nine games to drop them to 8-11 on the year. Amid this rough stretch, the team’s superstar decided it was time to speak out.

Luka Doncic, who entered this season with MVP aspirations but hasn’t been able to translate his impressive statistics into wins, called out the Mavericks for their approach this year. Doncic made clear that he’s never been in the situation that Dallas finds itself in right now, and went as far as to say that the team is dealing with a major case of apathy.

“Terrible,” Doncic said when asked about the team’s effort against Utah. “There’s really not much to say. I never felt like this, and we’ve got to do something, because this is not looking good, and we’ve got to step up and talk to each other and play way better than this. It’s mostly effort.”

Doncic was then asked about what he believes needs to change and brought the hammer down, saying, “Right now, it’s looking like we don’t care, honestly, if we win games or not.”

The good news for the Mavericks is that Doncic is optimistic that things will improve, and while they do face a bit of an uphill battle going forward, the team has been hit hard by injuries and COVID-19 absences this season, which has led to issues getting consistent players on the floor. Dallas can also take solace in knowing their star player is feeling the pressure to win games, something that has been reflected in his numbers so far this season — while Doncic has faded in MVP chatter a quarter of a way through the year, he’s averaging 27.3 points, 9.6 assists, 9.2 rebounds, and 1.1 steals in 34.6 minutes per game.

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