Magic Johnson Congratulated The Lakers On Twitter After The Anthony Davis Trade

06.15.19 2 months ago

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On Saturday, the Los Angeles Lakers did something they’ve wanted to for a long time and traded for Anthony Davis. The trade between the Lakers and New Orleans Pelicans that most had expected would come at the NBA’s trade deadline finally went down days after the end of the regular season, with Davis heading to Los Angeles and a slew of draft picks and young players going to the Pelicans’ rebuilding efforts.

There will be a lot to discuss in the coming days and weeks and years as those picks become players and the Lakers continue to find another superstar to pair with Davis and LeBron James, but the Lakers finalizing the deal meant other teams extremely interested in acquiring Davis, such as the Boston Celtics, couldn’t get it done.

A trade for Davis was also something that former Lakers president Magic Johnson couldn’t get done under his tenure. It’s reported that the Lakers basically made everyone but LeBron James available at the deadline to get it done, which is why Magic Johnson was thrilled that the Lakers could finally manage to get it done without him. As word of the trade spread on Saturday, Johnson unsurprisingly posted his approval on Twitter.

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