Magic Johnson Says He’s Still Talking To Jeanie Buss And The Lakers ‘Every Day’

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In early April, Magic Johnson held an impromptu press conference to announce that he was stepping down as president of the Los Angeles Lakers so that he could do things like get these tweets off and talk about other players in the NBA without fear of consequence.

The abrupt departure from the position was a surprise for everyone. He held said presser without informing Lakers owner Jeanie Buss, who presumably found out about Johnson’s resignation at the same time as the rest of us. And LeBron James and his representation wasn’t made aware of the move despite meeting with both LeBron and Buss just days before he announced to the media that he was done.

But when TMZ recently caught up with Magic, the Lakers great doesn’t seem to be all that far removed from the organization he once headed. In fact, it seems like he’s doing more for the Lakers now than he was when he had the title of president.

“Everybody knows I love the Lakers, and so I’m gonna always help them,”Johnson told TMZ. “Like right now, I’m gonna still help them. I love my team, I love my franchise, and I love this city. You have to do things sometimes on your own terms. It doesn’t matter what other people think, see? And I’m that guy. But I’m still helping them. It’s almost like I never left. I’m still talking to them every day.”

Just so he was clear, Magic then wanted to make sure people knew that, yes, he is talking to Buss every single day, too.

“I love Jeanie,” Johnson said. “I’ve been talking to her almost every day. I’m trying to help. Listen, I may not be in there physically, but I’m still there.”

So, Magic Johnson quit his job with the Lakers so he could…get more involved with the Lakers? Got it.