Magic Johnson Predicts The Lakers Will Land Another Star Next Year

Via FOX Sports

It’s good to be Magic Johnson right now. In the world of basketball, he’s the President of Basketball Operations for the Los Angeles Lakers, and while the team still has room to grow, the Lakers have LeBron James and an exciting young core. In the world of baseball, Johnson is part of the ownership group that owns the Los Angeles Dodgers, which hosted Game 4 of the 2018 World Series against the Boston Red Sox on Saturday night.

Johnson is a gigantic personality, so naturally, he appeared on television for a bit before first pitch. Johnson hung out with the broadcast crew for FOX Sports, and at one point, the future of the Lakers came up.

Because this is Magic Johnson we’re talking about here, his flair for the dramatic made an appearance. He used his platform to boast that this past summer wasn’t the only time the Lakers are going to land a big name, and that next summer, he’s looking for a star.


“Because you ran that earlier with LeBron, I’m gonna get another superstar next summer,” Johnson said to the delight of Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, and co.

While he’s definitely having some fun, Johnson is, of course, going to look for someone big next summer to pair with James and the team’s young players. Of course, it might be wise for Johnson to be super ultra mega careful with this stuff. You know, just in case.