Magic Johnson Offered The Definitive List Of The 60 Best Movies And TV Shows Of All-Time

08.13.19 7 days ago

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August is a time when NBA fans begin to lose their minds a bit as there’s far too many slow days in the news cycle to allow minds to wander. A visit to reddit’s r/nba on a random August day will lead you to posts like this, questioning the feasibility of Shaq using a normal sized toilet.

It also becomes peak season for list arguing, in which people come up with lists of the X-best players or teams or whatever else and use that as a launching pad for hours or even days long arguments to pass the time. On Tuesday, Magic Johnson saw list Twitter was poppin’ so he decided to give them what they crave with three non-basketball lists of the 60 best movies of all-time, places to travel, and athletes turned entrepreneurs.

The best part is that he numbered them, but instead of them being ranked they are all just in alphabetical order — except for the top of the movies list where he was sure to put The Godfather at number 1.

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