Miami Heat launch “We Want Wade” website to keep Dwyane

05.13.10 8 years ago

D-Wade (photo. Jeffery Salter)

Considering I just watched College Football Live run another tired “Could LeBron play big-time football?” feature for the 413th time in ESPN history, it’s safe to say the sports world is hurting for creativity right now.

So I’ve got no problem with the borderline cheesy idea coming out of Miami, where the Heat have launched We Want Wade (, a website aimed at keeping Dwyane Wade from leaving the only professional home he’s ever known.

Usually a random fan is good for something like this, so to see it coming from an actual pro organization is nice. And the Heat, who have been featured in recent issues of Dime for their creative marketing strategies, are making no apologies about what they’re trying to accomplish here. The first sentence of the press release announcing the site calls 2010 “the most significant off-season in team history.” So to avoid watching the best player in team history walk away to Chicago or New York, the Heat have planned this “interactive, community-wide campaign” to keep Wade wearing Miami colors. The We Want Wade site is their “official Miami Heat campaign headquarters” for getting the job done.

Fans can use the site to send e-mails, Tweets, YouTube videos and voicemail messages making their best pitch to D-Wade, and pick up campaign materials like bracelets and stickers. (No word on whether they’ve got lawn signs.) My favorite part is the “Do’s And Don’ts” section:

DO: Send dessert to his table – very classy!
DON’T: Show him your D.Wade tattoo. Or get one for that matter.

Check it out and tell us what you think. Obviously the people in South Florida love D-Wade, and the Heat have done a good job taking a potentially serious situation and having fun with it, but they also know this is business: If you’re D-Wade, does this kind of effort have any impact in keeping you in Miami?

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