Michael Jordan Caught A 442 Pound Marlin In A Fishing Competition

Did you know that Michael Jordan really, really likes competing in stuff? It doesn’t really matter what, he just can’t get enough of having the chance to win something, so this week he took his fishing yacht, Catch 23, to North Carolina for the Big Rock Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament for some competition on the open water.

Tuesday was Day 2 of the competition and Jordan and his crew managed to land quite the fish as they hauled in and boated a 442 pound marlin to the delight of the assembled masses and Jordan himself, who posed next to the massive catch with the rest of his boatmates.

Jordan looks at least as pleased with this catch as he did for a couple of his championships with the Bulls, and any activity that allows you to smoke cigars while competing is something MJ is always going to be down for. The catch puts Jordan’s boat in sixth position on the leaderboard for largest catch, as the leading boat has a 494.2 pound monster. The Catch 23 boat will have through the 13th to try and top it.

Jordan’s fishing excursion comes a week after he pledged $100 million over the next decade to fight racial injustice, with a heavy emphasis on funding educational programs and scholarship opportunities for the Black community.