Michael Jordan Once Threw Bow Wow’s Allen Iverson Sneakers In The Trash

05.11.17 12 months ago 3 Comments

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If you ever go to Michael Jordan‘s house, do not wear a pair of someone else’s signature shoes, especially if they aren’t Jordans or Nikes. This is the lesson we learned from Shad Moss aka Bow Wow aka Lil Bow Wow on his recent appearance on Desus & Mero. In a discussion about his early career and the movie Like Mike, Bow Wow explained how he used to stay at Jordan’s house when he would go to Chicago because he was friends with his son Marcus.

One time, he made the mistake of wearing his Allen Iverson sneakers to Jordan’s house and was woken up by His Airness holding his shoes up and asking who they belonged to. Bow Wow reluctantly said they were his, and Jordan promptly threw them in the garbage and made him wear some Jumpmans.

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