Here’s Michael Jordan Dancing To Drake’s ‘Back To Back’ On The Golf Course

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You’re Michael Jordan. The greatest basketball player ever. A maniacal competitor. Avid golfer. Basketball apparel king. Charlotte Hornets owner. Frequent cigar smoker.

What’s the only thing that could make a weekday golf outing – while wearing your own shoes and smoking the finest tobacco money can buy – more enjoyable than normal? Dancing to a track by Drake that invokes your hallowed NBA success, of course.

Yup, that’s Jordan barely shuffling his shoulders and lightly stomping his feet to music like your 50-something uncle would. One key difference: That oft-embarrassing relative didn’t directly inspire the hottest diss of 2015, let alone ‘3-peat’ with the Chicago Bulls on two separate occasions during the 1990s.

As for the dancing alone, though? MJ is pretty much exactly like your uncle.

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