The Double Technicals In The National Title Game Were An Unfortunate Reminder Of Michigan’s Past

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Seeing college basketball players get called for technical fouls doesn’t happen nearly at the rate that it does in the NBA. In the sport’s national title game, it hasn’t happened in a really long time. In fact, the last time it happened, Michigan lost in heartbreaking fashion on the grandest stage in college hoops.

During Monday night’s national championship game between Villanova and Michigan, Wildcats big man Omari Spellman and Michigan center Moe Wagner jawed with each other a little. It wasn’t anything especially bad, but the officials on the floor thought it was just enough that a pair of technical fouls for both dudes were necessary to de-escalate the situation.

When the refs decided to throw out a pair of T’s, it led to the first time that technicals were thrown out in a championship game since 1993. If you are a big college hoops fan, you know exactly what that moment was. If you’re not, TBS is here to help you out.

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Of course, that game was between the “Fab Five” of Michigan and the North Carolina Tar Heels. In the game’s waning moments, this happened.

The lesson to take away from this, seeing as how the Wolverines lost in 1993 and on Monday night, is that you should really try to not be called for a technical foul in a national title game if you attend the University of Michigan because that’s probably a bad omen.