Microphone Check-Up

03.02.09 10 years ago 57 Comments
You know GP gets my vote…

On the same day I was going to try and coin the phrase “The Doris Burke Game” — referring to that afterthought national TV matchup that ESPN inevitably sticks its JV announce team on, nine times out of 10 led by Burke — Smack reader “d” linked to Burke’s Wikipedia page, which as of 1:20 p.m. Pacific Time included this sentence:

“She no longer lives in North Providence with her husband and their two children because I killed her after watching her announce the Cavaliers vs. Hawks game on ESPN.”

Is Doris Burke the worst NBA announcer out there? If not, who is? Who’s the best announcer? Whether it’s someone from one of the national networks or your local team’s broadcast, post your picks for the best and worst in each category:

Best play-by-play:
Worst play-by-play:

Best color commentator:
Worst color commentator:

Best sideline reporter:
Worst sideline reporter:

Best in-game PA announcer:
Worst in-game PA announcer:

Best in-studio host:
Worst in-studio host:

Best in-studio analyst:
Worst in-studio analyst:

Finest female sideline reporter:

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