Mike Conley Will Reportedly Replace Devin Booker To Become A First-Time All-Star

The NBA All-Star Game is what all players aspire to. It’s a childhood dream. Aside from making First Team All-NBA or being named MVP, it’s the pinnacle of individual accolades. It’s also a rather exclusive club. There are only 13 spots in each conference each season, and deserving players are often left by the wayside.

That’s been the case for veteran point guard Mike Conley for most of his career. During the heyday of the Grit-n-Grind Grizzlies, Conley certain had seasons worthy of real consideration but was always a casualty of the loaded field of backcourt players in the Western Conference.

Now, it appears Conley will have finally get his due, as the league announced on Friday that, pending a health evaluation, Conley will become a first-time All-Star this weekend in Atlanta.

Shams Charania of The Athletic offered a few more details on the situation, clarifying that Conley will replace Devin Booker, who is suffering from a knee sprain, and will also take his place in the three-point contest.

Conley will join Jazz teammates Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert when the NBA’s annual midseason showcase kicks off on Sunday. The news is a nice change of pace for the Jazz after a relatively rough week. They dropped an overtime thriller to the Sixers on Wednesday, after which both Mitchell and Gobert expressed their frustrations about the officiating and were subsequently fined by the league.

For Conley, it’s the culmination of an understated but stellar NBA career that now sees him playing a pivotal role on the NBA’s No. 1 team.