Mike Conley Wants Memphis Fans To Fire Up The Grizzlies With Frequent ‘Whoop That Trick’ Chants

The single best chant in the NBA is “Whoop That Trick.” It’s used by Grizzlies fans, and whenever it rings through FedExForum, it makes Memphis one of the more intimidating places to play in the league. It also holds the distinction of being the only professional sports chant that I know of that is derived from a song that Terrence Howard performed on the Hustle & Flow soundtrack.

Prior to the Grizzlies’ must-win Game 6 against the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday night, Memphis guard Mike Conley wants fans to know that the team loves this chant. While meeting with the media before the game, Conley said that the fans in the Grindhouse need to really be into the game, as the Grizzlies will get eliminated if they lose. One media member asked specifically about the chant, which led to the Memphis guard laughing.

“If they can do it in the first quarter, second quarter, you know, kind of do it before the start of every quarter,” Conley said.

We cannot blame him for wanting to hear this as frequently as possible, because for real, it’s incredible. Not only is it a unique and appropriate chant, but the crowd in Memphis gets super into it. Here it is from a 2013 playoff game.

Please, Grindhouse, chant this as frequently as possible tonight.