Watch The First ‘NBA 2K21’ Next-Gen Gameplay Trailer

On November 10, the first next-generation consoles will be made available to the gaming public as the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S hit stores, with the PlayStation 5 not far behind with a November 12 release date. As such, the anticipation for the next-generation of games is reaching a fever pitch, with various gameplay trailers being released at Sony and Microsoft events in recent months, but for fans of the NBA 2K franchise, they’ve been patiently waiting any sort of details about what will be new with the next-gen game.

Tuesday brought our first answers in the form of a gameplay trailer that shows the incredibly lifelike nature the game will bring thanks to the upgraded performance abilities of next-gen consoles. The trailer shows 90 seconds of an exhibition matchup between the Golden State Warriors and Dallas Mavericks, showing off the incredible graphics that will be on display, as well as enhanced realism and flow to the on-court product.

It’s certainly an impressive upgrade, which is further evidenced by this side-by-side image 2K provided of Zion Williamson — the next-gen cover athlete — from last year’s game and the upcoming edition of NBA 2K21 for the Series X/S and PS5.

NBA 2K21

We will be getting more information soon, as 2K promises some updates on expansions to the MyPlayer builder, next-gen AI, MyCareer, the WNBA, MyGM, MyLeague, and online gameplay — which they note is what is “formerly known as the Neighborhood” indicating some major changes there.

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