The NBA Is Reportedly Finalizing Its Plans For A HORSE Competition On ESPN

As the NBA 2K Players Only tournament wraps up this week, the NBA and ESPN are reportedly close to finalizing an arrangement to get basketball on TV again soon. Adrian Wojnarowski reported on Wednesday afternoon that a deal is imminent for a HORSE competition that would include NBA star Chris Paul, Trae Young, various WNBA stars, and even NBA alumni.

The plans for the event would likely include players (who have access to a gym or a basket in their driveway) filming themselves attempting a certain shot, followed by another player attempting to copy the shot from home. Considering that the whole goal of HORSE is to replicate your opponent’s shot perfectly, it’s hard to tell exactly how the event will go, and it’s not hard to imagine some chicanery going on.

However, foul play would certainly make for more fun. The 2K tournament has been a cool insight into the competitiveness and personality of some of the league’s top stars, but they are clearly playing it safe, and the games sometimes drag. A game of HORSE happening remotely has all the makings of chaos and entertainment.

The bar is pretty low. Last time the NBA introduced HORSE, it was at All-Star weekend, and no one took it seriously. This video of Kevin Durant, Rajon Rondo and Omri Casspi competing explains everything you need to know about how dull the event was.

Hopefully more players, better production value, and the intense boredom of self-isolation makes for a better product this time around.