The Best 2018 NBA Restricted Free Agents Available This Summer

06.01.18 1 year ago

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The 2017-18 NBA season has concluded for all but two teams, which means the offseason has begun and all focus is on the draft and free agency (and potential trades) for 28 franchises.

While there are still player options, team options, early termination options, and more to be exercised before we get the full list of unrestricted free agents, we do know who will be on the restricted free agent market, with their current team able to match any offer they get provided they extend the necessary qualifying offer.

Restricted free agency is always interesting because players can, at times, benefit tremendously from the system, while other times it can have an adverse effect on a player’s possible market. There are instances, like Allen Crabbe in 2016, where a team hands out a massive offer sheet in an effort to force the current team not to match (Portland matched Brooklyn, then regretted that and sent Crabbe to Brooklyn the following offseason). On the flip side, a Nerlens Noel situation can emerge where the player never gets the offer he desires and ends up signing the qualifying offer to become an unrestricted free agent the next season.

This year, we’ll likely see a few situations on both sides of the coin, as the limited number of teams with significant cap space means there aren’t going to be a great deal of gigantic offer sheets available to players. But once LeBron James and Paul George sign, there also aren’t a ton of tremendous unrestricted free agents on the market, either.

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