NBA Rumor: LeBron and Bosh Plan to Play Together in 2010

06.30.09 9 years ago 23 Comments

During the Redeem Team’s run to gold, LeBron emerged as Team USA’s ring leader. From an outsider’s perspective, he, Jason Kidd, Chris Paul, Carmelo and Dwyane Wade seemed like the closest clique.

But maybe we should include Chris Bosh in that too. Despite LeBron’s memorable shit-talking to Bosh’s girl, there’s a rumor that ‘Bron and Bosh want to play together in 2010.

“The inside source says LeBron and Bosh have plans to end up playing together,” writes Roland Lazenby on his Twitter feed. “Will Shaq interrupt those plans? Prolly not.”

“My source on the Bron/Bosh connection is a veteran NBA coach. Says that’s the belief among key coaching staffs. Sorry if the info upsets u.”

Lazenby, who is an established sports writer having written more than five dozen books, mainly on basketball and football, doesn’t allude to a location where the two might unite. Shaq won’t be under contract in Cleveland in 2010-11, so it doesn’t really matter if Bosh is worried about playing alongside the Diesel. If LeBron wants Bosh and not Shaq, that’s what he’ll get – and there won’t be any problems.

Hypothetically all three guys decide that they want to play in Cleveland beyond 2010. Shaq would have to take a monster pay cut. If LeBron signed on for roughly $25 million a year, Bosh wouldn’t be able to sign a max deal in Cleveland unless they replaced Boobie Gibson, Delonte West and maybe even Mo Williams with lower-paid players.

There’s no doubt that this rumor will also spark some LeBron-and-Bosh-to-New York talk. If the Knicks are able to get rid of Eddy Curry and Jared Jeffries, they’ll basically have completely clean books in 2010. That way, they’d both be able to sign monster deals in NYC.


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