NBA Top Shot Announced A 48-Hour Pack Drop To Guarantee More Collectors Can Purchase Moments

NBA Top Shot‘s biggest problem has generally been a good one: too many people want a part of the basketball highlight collectable startup as part of the explosion of interest in NFTs. To get its ever-growing collector base more involved, the company has tweaked the way its done several pack drops, including a massive drop where it guaranteed every user with an account would get access to a Series 2 pack.

After several more limited drops involving the NBA All-Star Game, the Dapper Labs beta announced Monday another massive pack drop, this time rolling out over a two-day period so hundreds of thousands of collectors could get a shot at three more moments from the fast-rising collectable market.

As Top Shot explained on its blog, the Series 2 pack drop is open to all collectors, with the goal of the extended window being that anyone interested can get a pack without having to wait in long queues for the chance to purchase one. Despite that, more than 150,000 users were initially in a queue for the packs when the waiting room went live on Monday.

The drop will be available to users until Wednesday at 11 AM PDT, and Top Shot promised an update on the actual delivery of those packs by April 7. That’s a bit of a wait for collectors eager to roll the dice and possibly pull a rare rookie moment or perhaps a very valuable LeBron James highlight, but it’s a smart way to make sure everyone interested has a chance at the ecosystem that’s seen moments on the marketplace continue to go for high prices. While some of the more common moments from lesser players can be found for less than $15, there are currently 11 moments with an asking price in the six figures. And while it’s unlikely anything you pull from a base pack will go for that much, a lucky user could certainly make their $9 back many times over if they are fortunate.

In other news, Top Shot also announced that “gifting” moments, sending them from one account to another for free, will be discontinued “for the foreseeable future” as the company continues to battle against collectors with multiple accounts exploiting the system to circumvent pack purchase limits and other restrictions. The company is also working to increase the number of users who can withdraw funds from their accounts. As of Friday, Dapper Labs announced that more than 28,000 users have access to their funds, with more than $18.7 million taken out by collectors since the beta went live in the fall of 2020.