NBA Players Are Now Getting In On The Top Shot Craze

NBA Top Shot has become a big topic of conversation on Basketball Twitter over the last few months, and you can learn more about it here if you are wondering just what the hell this thing is that has people paying six figures or more for NBA highlights. The basic gist is, Top Shots are licensed, digital trading cards with packs made available to buy sometimes and a secondary marketplace that has seen a rather ridiculous surge of late.

It has become so popular that a number of NBA players have gotten in on the Top Shot craze and more are looking into it, as the tech savvy younger generation of NBA players can’t help but be intrigued by the kind of money they’re seeing fly around on the marketplace. I think my favorite instance of a player getting in on Top Shot is Josh Hart, who got someone to gift him one of his moments and then turned around and sold it.

Others have simply been curious as to how everything works and how they can even get packs, which are sold out for now and every release has seen rather crazy waitlists, but almost everyone who’s gotten on board has gotten hooked.

Terry Rozier went on the Top Shot journey on Monday and quickly became hooked, too, scooping up some of his moments and those of his Hornets teammates.

There are plenty of others that are in on the Top Shot movement and it’s interesting to see how players are embracing the burgeoning community.

As they do, others are being intrigued and jumping in on it as well.