Nike Celebrates Kobe And Gigi Bryant With ‘Mamba Week’

Kobe Bryant is one of the most iconic athletes to ever play the sport of basketball. The former Lakers star is well known thanks to his highly competitive drive, spectacular individual and team achievements, and the impact he had on others. Many players that play today see Bryant as their model for who they base their game and drive after.

In January, Bryant tragically died in a helicopter accident that left both him and his oldest daughter Gigi dead. The basketball world mourned then and continues do do so now, particularly on Sunday. August 23 is Bryant’s birthday and many have used the opportunity to honor Bryant. Nike, the brand that helped Bryant begin his “Black Mamba” image, is spending the entire week of Bryant’s birthday honoring him. Dubbed “Mamba Week” there will be events throughout the week honoring Bryant and what he represented to the basketball world. On Sunday, they started Mamba Week with a Kendrick Lamar voiced video tribute.

Mamba Week will feature many of basketball’s biggest stars and even some outside the sport. It will feature the likes of Diana Taurasi, Jewell Loyd, Anthony Davis, Devin Booker, and Sydney Leroux, via NIKE.

“Kobe built the Mamba Mentality on the values of Passion, Focus, Honesty, Fearless, and Optimism. He dedicated himself to inspiring the next generation to be better by applying these values to their own lives. This week we continue that legacy. Join our Mamba Mentors as they pass on what they’ve learned from Kobe’s Mamba Mentality.”

This is going to be a week devoted entirely towards allowing those Bryant had the largest impact on to speak about why he’s so special to them. An opportunity for many of these athletes to finally get to do what they might have not gotten a chance to do initially: Honor and say goodbye to Kobe Bryant.