Everyone Took An L During Nike’s Off-White Release, Even Topanga From ‘Boy Meets World’

Nike finally released their Off-White “The Ten” collaborations to the public on Monday through the SNKRS app. The releases were staggered every 30 minutes, with the concept being everyone would theoretically have a legitimate chance at each release.

All 10 sneakers were on a limited release, which meant the vast majority of those trying to cop a pair were going to get shut down. As with any online sneaker release, those with bots set up to beat the clock in seconds had a tremendous advantage and those looking to hit the jackpot on landing a pair had very, very low odds with such high demand for the sneakers.

Making matters worse were the constant error messages and apparent issues the app had with processing all the order attempts. Most anyone that tried to land a pair found themselves met with multiple error messages and prompts to enter information that was already stored in their phone or on their computer — me, personally, I was asked to re-enter my password after my TouchID somehow got denied as incorrect, which is fairly funny considering it’s a thumbprint.

The angry mob of spurned sneakerheads took to Twitter to voice their frustrations with Nike about the app’s failures, including some celebrities that couldn’t get their hands on a pair. For example, Danielle Fishel (you know her as Topanga from Boy Meets World) expressed the feelings of most everyone towards the SNKRS app after failing to land a pair of the Off-White Jordan 1’s.

Fishel wasn’t alone. Shannon Sharpe took to Twitter looking to make a deal for the Vapor Max and Air Max releases in a size 13 after failing to get either.

That should make the thousands of others that found themselves constantly failing to land a single pair on Monday feel a little better about things, but not as much as getting to buy a pair would have. The throngs of angry sneakerheads became a Twitter moment after the Off-White release as tons posted about their many failures.