Nikola Jokic’s Incredible Court Vision Was On Display With This No-Look Dime

Nikola Jokic rules. He sometimes gets looked over because the Nuggets were four games under .500 heading into Monday night, but he is one of the best big men in the league.

Part of the reason why he’s so great is the fact that he is a wonderful passer for someone who is 6’10. At times, Jokic shows off guard-like passing ability. Take, for example, this assist he picked up during Denver’s game against Los Angeles. Jokic was being triple teamed by the Lakers, but still had the presence of mind to see that Will Barton was cutting to the rim.

There was a problem: Jokic’s back was turned to Barton. So despite only seeing what his teammate was doing for a split second, Jokic knew to attract the attention of the defenders around him to clear some room before dumping a no-look pass over his head. The ball found Barton, who picked up an easy two points via a dunk.

Here’s a few more angles of Jokic’s dime.

The Nuggets are going to be good sometime soon, and when they are, Jokic is going to play a big role. If he’s able to set up his teammates with impressive passes like this, that may happen sooner rather than later.