The Nuggets Taunted Lil B On Twitter And Landed Themselves On His ‘Curse Warning’ List

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The Curse of Lil B is well-known in the NBA community. James Harden got cursed, and things went awry for the Houston Rockets last postseason. It got bad enough that Lil B even offered to rescind the curse.

He most recently “cursed” Kenyon Martin for his comments about Jeremy Lin’s dreadlocks, but he also has a list of approved teams he grants his well wishes to when they play. Lil B tweeted out an updated list of teams that have his blessing on Saturday night, and the Denver Nuggets were not on it.

For some reason, the person behind the Nuggets’ account decided this warranted a response, and an antagonistic one at that.

The logic here is kind of puzzling. Perhaps they’re trolling here, but pretending not to know who Lil B is makes little sense if you’re upset about not being on his list.

In any event, most of the responses to the tweet were of the “Oh No Baby What Is You Doing” variety. That included one from an NBA team that knows better than to taunt the Based God.

Others tried to help the Nuggets out and suggested they fix things before it’s too late.

Lil B did respond, but did not officially curse Denver for their social media manager’s sins.

Is a non-endorsement as bad as a curse these days? Does Lil B have degrees of tolerance for chicanery? He does! The Nuggets are now on his watch list, hilariously included with Lakers rookie Kyle Kuzma.

What did Kuzma do to offend the Based God? Whatever it is, he and the Nuggets better re-evaluate things unless they want to get the curse laid on them. It’s a powerful thing. It’s best not to tempt Based Gods.

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