Our Top 10 Favorite Dime Magazine Covers Of All Time

For 10 years, Dime has chronicled the lives of basketball players like no other magazine in the history of the game. From Day One, our goal has always been simple: Document the world’s greatest athletes the way they deserved to be portrayed – with the best photography and the best writing possible. We are extraordinarily proud of what we’ve accomplished and believe that we have produced some truly amazing pieces for our readers.

In each issue this year, we took a look back at one of our favorite Dime features from the past decade and re-ran it, original design included. From Kobe Bryant‘s second cover story in Dime #22, to Kemba Walker‘s first feature as a star at Rice High School in Dime #39, we covered it all. And now, with 2011 coming to an end, we figured we’d take a look back at our favorite covers as well.

Trust us when we tell you that putting together this list was not easy, and it definitely has a slant toward nostalgia. When you’ve put out 66 – going on 67 – issues of the mag, it’s hard to choose just 10. And looking back through the archives, we can still remember each cover shoot as if it was yesterday.

With that, here are our top 10 favorite covers of all time:

10. Dime #38: Shaquille O’Neal

9. Dime #23: Chris Paul

8. Dime #32: Kevin Durant

7. Dime #22: Kobe Bryant

6. Dime #31: LeBron James

5. Dime #50: Derrick Rose

4. Dime #13: Dwyane Wade

3. Dime #62: Blake Griffin

2. Dime #5: Paul Pierce

1. Dime #1: Allen Iverson

What’s your favorite cover of all time?

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