This No-Look Paper Ball Shot Is The Most Thrilling Moment Of March Madness So Far

The first weekend of this year’s NCAA Tournament has featured a few great games, but very few amazing moments. We haven’t had any great buzzer-beaters to decide a game (we had one decide a cover) and aside from a few strong dunks there haven’t been that many unbelievable individual moments.

While the 68-team field hasn’t given us any iconic moments, some students at UNC Charlotte took it upon themselves to give us a little bit of March Madness with an incredible no-look paper ball shot from distance. While you can guess how this video ends, it is still the most thrilling sequence that we have seen this March.

The shot itself is impressive, as is the teamwork to get the paper ball over to him – ball movement is key to any successful offense – but the celebration is the real star of this video. There’s the palpable nervousness as the shot is in the air as they all sit up to see if it goes in, and then there’s the immediate jubilation when the shot goes in the trash can, which is incredible. Papers get thrown in the air, kids start running around crazy – shoutout to the guy in a luchador mask – and then the kid that made the bucket gets carried out like the hero he is.