Pass The Mic: Top 5 Rule Changes For College Basketball

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With March Madness upon us, and Selection Sunday just a week and a half away, the Dime office is starting to get excited. I mean, on any given Thursday you could see someone show up in face paint carrying a cardboard cutout of D-Fense, but now there’s a reason. With this in mind, we reached out to Bounce contributor and college basketball fanatic Trevor Kapp to lay out the Top 5 rule changes he’d like to see for college basketball. Enjoy!

I’m about as big a college basketball fan as anyone I know. Don’t get me wrong, I like the NBA, but there’s nothing better than watching maturing players compete for maniacal coaches in sacred venues.

And yet, as intriguing as college ball can be, there are a few rules that
absolutely have to be changed. In addition to the elimination of the
possession arrow, which should be Constitutionally outlawed, here are five modifications that would make the college game even more intriguing.

1. Technical fouls shouldn’t also count as personal fouls.
Case and point: the Washington-UConn tournament game in 2006. Washington is in control of the game before Brandon Roy is whistled for his third personal early in the second half. A second later, Roy and Rudy Gay start chirping at each other and are given double techs. Because of this ridiculous rule, Roy picks up his fourth personal and has to sit on the bench as UConn comes back and eventually wins. Emotions run high in college ball. Two free throws after a tech are enough. Don’t punish the player or the team any more.

2. Decrease the number of official timeouts.
I understand there are TV contracts, but an official timeout every four
minutes can really take away from a game’s rhythm. Add on team timeouts, and we’re seeing more Geico ads than game action. Two official stoppages each half instead would makes games flow a lot more smoothly, and it would force coaches to become more judicious with their TOs. Make it happen.

3. Advance the ball to the other end after a timeout in the last two

The NBA has it, and I absolutely love this rule. Of course, this would put
an end to plays like Christian Laettner‘s turnaround and Bryce Drew‘s three, but for every time plays like that happen, it seems like the other team just bats the ball down 100 times. Think about how much more we’d get to here Gus Johnson lose his mind if teams could advance the ball to the other end in the last two minutes.

4. Resetting the 10-second count after a timeout.
Just an awful rule. Louisville will put relentless pressure on a team in
the backcourt, and with one second left to get it over, the team takes a
timeout. It’s then given another 10 seconds to advance the ball. Doing this takes away from great defensive efforts. Should the shot clock be reset if a team takes a timeout with one second left on it? I don’t think so.

5. Insert a restricted area.
It seems like Jay Bilas complains about this every game, and he’s almost always right. How many times have you seen a guard make a great move to the basket and sink a layup through a lot of contact, all to have it taken away because some 6-10 stiff gets rewarded for standing directly under the net? The NBA has it, and it’s extremely effective. Time to bring this to the collegiate level.

What do you think? What rule changes would you like to see in college basketball?

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