Paul George Stresses It’s Not ‘Championship Or Bust’ For Him To Re-Sign With The Thunder

04.06.18 12 months ago

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As the NBA season winds down and the playoff picture comes into focus, the lingering uncertainty of the offseason begins to color our view of the postseason.

LeBron James‘ pending free agency, for example, give Cleveland Cavaliers fans plenty of uncertainty about the future of the franchise. The injury-ravaged Boston Celtics, meanwhile, will have a softer lens through which to view their playoff fate. With much of their team under contract next season, this year could merely be a missed opportunity rather than an end of a window.

The Oklahoma City Thunder, however, fall more into the former category than the latter. It acquired Paul George in a contract year and added Carmelo Anthony as part of an arms race to turn Russell Westbrook’s Thunder into a true competitor out West.

That hasn’t necessarily happened the way many hoped, with OKC currently in sixth place in the Western Conference. But Paul George has said nothing is set in stone for his free agency, and he hasn’t ruled out the Thunder even if they don’t win it all this year.

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