Paul Pierce Mercilessly Dragged Brandon Jennings Over His Pickup Basketball Tweet

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Paul Pierce may no longer be an NBA player, but he still knows how to brutalize Brandon Jennings when the moment’s right. Pierce went after Jennings Friday on ESPN after a harmless Jennings tweet was used as the alley in the proverbial alley-oop.

The whole thing started when Jennings tweeted that he would be playing pickup basketball in New York on Friday.

Harmless enough, right? Jennings later tweeted out a live Instagram video link to watch it, so we know this is actually a thing that happened. But then ESPN’s The Jump mentioned the tweet on Friday, and, well, it must have been said only to tee up Paul Pierce because he was very ready to throw some shade his way.

“He need to stay there,” Pierce said about the tweet. “The way he performed in the playoffs this year, he may as well just go all year round on fourth street.”

Pierce hasn’t been afraid to speak his mind in retirement. He celebrated helping the Boston Celtics win the NBA Draft Lottery earlier this week, and the next day on camera he was more than willing to tell Boston exactly what to do with it.

It’s clear that he’s definitely much better at this job than he was tweeting out emojis.