The Phoenix Suns’ New Uniforms Appear To Have Leaked Via The ‘NBA Live 18’ Demo

08.10.17 7 months ago

Twitter/@ConradBurry via @TheBosco14

NBA teams have had total control over their new Nike uniform releases over the past few weeks, and in the beginning, details and images leaking out were rare. There was a photographer that blew the Cavaliers’ surprise wine uniform, but otherwise, most uniforms over the first couple weeks of releases came as a genuine surprise.

However, recently, we’ve been seeing leaks of a few uniforms come from the impending releases of NBA 2K18 and NBA Live 18. The two NBA video games are supposed to keep the new uniforms under wraps, but the Timberwolves new threads leaked out via 2K18 and now the latest is an NBA Live 18 leak of the Association and Icon edition uniforms for the Phoenix Suns.

The video game companies had to have designs in early to put them into the game, but have been doing their due diligence in keeping those from getting out. However, the NBA Live 18 demo hit overseas and the first two new Suns uniforms have hit the internet via that demo release.

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