Pick Your Kicks: LeBron v. ‘Melo

12.08.08 9 years ago
'Bron or 'Melo?‘Bron or ‘Melo?

LeBron and Carmelo’s signature shoes have been big hits due to their large fan bases. Nike and Jordan Brand both have designed some hot kicks for their respective guys.

I have played in both, and am definitely a fan. This year, the Zoom LeBron VI is a shoe that you can wear on and off the court. I actually have a pair on right now. The Melo M5, performance wise, is what I am exactly looking for in a basketball sneaker.

'Bron or 'Melo?‘Bron or ‘Melo?

Some people like to look good while getting buckets, while others are hounds for what technical aspects a shoe has. It all really comes down to personal preference. So…which would you rock?

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