PJ Tucker Broke Out The Ultra-Rare (And Ultra-Expensive) Nike MAG Back To The Future For The NBA Finals

PJ Tucker has long held the title of the NBA’s sneaker king. Tucker has long worn rare sneakers before and during games, sometimes even stunning the likes of Michael Jordan with Jordan PEs that even the man himself had never seen before.

Tucker’s sneaker choices are fodder for Sneaker Twitter to go crazy over almost every game, but on Thursday he managed to one-up himself as he arrived to the Phoenix Suns Arena for Game 2 of the NBA Finals wearing the Nike MAG Back to the Future.

The original 2011 release saw 1,500 pairs made, with them currently going for north of $12,000 on the secondary market, but these appear to be the 2016 release (as evidenced by the blue lighting of the midsole) which had only 89 pairs made and were given away in a raffle to benefit the Parkinson’s Foundation (raising over $6 million) and now go on the secondary market for a staggering $50,000. Tucker regularly wears extra-rare sneakers and player exclusives that have only seen a few pairs made — ahead of Game 1 he had on some Oregon 13s that were a Friends and Family release — but breaking out the MAGs is taking it to a whole different level and it’s hard to see how he tops this one.