POWERADE’s New March Madness Ad Is Here To Break Everyone’s Ankles


Tuesday night is the official start of the 2018 NCAA Tournament, as the First Four will kick off from Dayton, Ohio. Sixteen seeds LIU-Brooklyn and Radford will play for the opportunity to play Villanova, while 11 seeds St. Bonaventure and UCLA will square off with a matchup with Florida on the line. One day later and the remaining two First Four games will tip — NC Central and Texas Southern in the first matchup, Arizona State and Syracuse in the others.

During the first slate of games, POWERADE will debut its new ad campaign, “That’s Some Kind Of Power.” As the official sports drink of the NCAA, POWERADE will use the LIU-Brooklyn/Radford matchup to give hoops fans a chance to see its first spot in the campaign, which is titled “Ankles” and centers around a bodega owner looking back on how POWERADE would have helped his hoops career.

He insists that with POWERADE he would’ve had an unstoppable crossover, capable of breaking everyone’s ankles from his opponents to the ref to vendors in the stands to fans watching at home.

The ads, which include “Ankles” and five unique 15-second videos that will air throughout the duration of March Madness will be, hoops themed. POWERADE will have other ads in its “That’s Some Kind Of Power” campaign throughout the year, including during the 2018 World Cup.

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