Rajon Rondo’s Brother Was Kicked Out Of Game 5 After Jawing With Russell Westbrook

It took a few games, but a “fan” has finally been kicked out of a game during the NBA’s Orlando Bubble. During Game 5 of the Los Angeles Lakers’ series against the Houston Rockets, a strange moment during a free throw led to Russell Westbrook being held back as he jawed with someone sitting in the Lakers’ family section.

LeBron James was at the charity stripe for a pair of free throws. As he was taking his first shot, Westbrook turned around and looked visibly annoyed with someone. He began to approach them, at which point he was escorted away by the official.

It’s unclear exactly what was being said, but it eventually came out that the person with whom Russ was jawing was William Rondo, the brother of Lakers guard Rajon Rondo. Per those in the Bubble, security went up to Rondo’s brother, asked him to leave, and he departed from the area near the court.

Westbrook, following Rondo’s departure, did seem to be a bit upset that Rondo wasn’t sticking around.

The sideline camera does give a slightly better look at the incident, as it looks like Kyle Kuzma heard whatever was being said and Rondo was promptly met and escorted out.

The league has made it clear that these sorts of interactions between players and family members would be policed strictly during the Bubble, and so far, things have been pretty good on this front. Westbrook and Rondo will assuredly be asked about this after the game, and it will be fascinating to hear exactly what got Westbrook so heated.