Rajon Rondo Explains His Brother’s Incident With Russell Westbrook: ‘He Called The Man Trash’

One of the weirder moments of the NBA’s Orlando Bubble occurred on Saturday evening during Game 5 between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Houston Rockets. While the Lakers came out on top and sent the Rockets home en route to their first Western Conference Finals berth since 2010, the first person to leave the arena was there on behalf of the purple and gold.

Rajon Rondo’s brother, William, jawed with Rockets guard Russell Westbrook in the fourth quarter. Westbrook had to be held back by an official, while Rondo was escorted out by arena officials. After the game, the two players told the media what went down, with Westbrook saying that Rondo was chirping at him, which he believes led to Rondo’s brother getting in on the act.

Rondo, as you might be surprised to learn, had a different read on things. As he explained, both to the media and to Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated, William called Westbrook “trash,” then waved at him in a similar manner to how Damian Lillard waved after he bounced Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder from the playoffs last year.

Additionally, Rondo went on to say that he wants security to ask those around his brother about what happened.

Players going back-and-forth with fans is, obviously, a pretty common thing, but this is a new one for the Bubble, which has been careful to make sure that tensions don’t boil over at a time when players are usually more on edge than usual due to the stakes of the postseason.