Rajon Rondo Is Still A Cold-Blooded Connect Four Killer

Rajon Rondo is the subject of endless debate among hoop heads. How valuable is his unreal passing and court vision if he can’t shoot the ball? How much does his moodiness affect the chemistry of a team? And on and on. But one thing about which we can all agree: Rondo could destroy us all in a game of Connect Four.

The Sacramento Kings’ social media team is one of the best in the business, and they’ve hit another gem by sending a “kid reporter” (reminiscent of one of the finest Simpsons bits) to challenge Rondo in his favorite kids’ game, and if you haven’t watched by now, let’s just say that the Kings guard does not go easy on the poor kid. Sure, our intrepid reporter puts on a brave face, but you’re watching pure, unmitigated devastation.

Rondo delights in his domination much in the way a movie villain monologues to his chained villain before hitting the final button of his evil plan. If anybody wanted to hold this up as evidence that Rondo is lacking the essential warmth to be a beloved teammate, I’d question its relevance, but I wouldn’t disagree outright. I mean, look at Rondo’s face here:

The kid’s 11, Rajon! At least let him have a little joy!