Rajon Rondo Thinks He Can Average 20 Assists Per Game

11.23.10 8 years ago 28 Comments

If you’ve ever met Rajon Rondo, then you know why some people misconstrue his confidence for cockiness. But when he told that he was the best point guard in the NBA for the cover story of Dime #56, I knew he wasn’t kidding around. Now, Rondo is talking about the impossible, telling Chris Tomasson of NBA FanHouse that he can average 20 assists per game this season.

When asked if he can maintain his tremendous pace, he said, “I can keep it up. If we keep making shots, I can keep it up.”

OK, so how many assists per game does Rondo believe he can average this season?

“Twenty,” he said.

Realistically, how many?

“Twenty,” said Rondo, who did hand out 24 Oct. 29 against New York but hasn’t exceeded 17 in any other game.

OK, why do you think that?

“Because we’re shooting the ball extremely well,” he said. “We’re playing together and moving the ball.”

Told that, to average 20, if he had 15 one game, he’d have to make up for it with 25 in another, Rondo said, “I know. I can count.”

So far this season, Rondo is averaging an NBA-best 14.3 assists per game, and has John Stockton‘s NBA record of 14.5 assists per game in his sights. Will he be able to achieve it? Probably not. But don’t think that Rondo won’t be gunning for that top spot.

What do you think? Can he do it?

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