Rich Paul Explained How The NCAA’s New Rule Won’t Hurt Him, But Those Trying To Be Like Him

08.12.19 1 week ago

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When the NCAA introduced new rules and requirements for agents looking to represent players declaring early for the NBA Draft, it was immediately dubbed the “Rich Paul Rule.”

The NCAA will now require agents to take a test, have three years of experience, and also have a bachelors degree before they can represent a player without that player losing their eligibility to return to school before the designated deadline to fully declare for the draft. The bachelors degree portion seemed to specifically target Paul, who famously rose to prominence in the industry after meeting LeBron James while selling throwback jerseys and climbed the ladder to start his own agency, Klutch Sports, which represents some of the NBA’s biggest names.

LeBron was very vocal about being upset with the NCAA’s new rule that seemed to be targeting his close friend and agent, and he wasn’t alone. Most everyone called out the new rules for being overly restrictive and a way for the NCAA and the established agenting world to prevent others from getting in the door by non-traditional means.

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