Richard Jefferson Was Not Happy With Referees For Ejecting Rudy Gobert Against The Rockets

12.07.18 9 months ago

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Rudy Gobert did not have a very productive Thursday night on the floor in Salt Lake City. He was called for fouls early, then was ejected from Utah’s game against the Houston Rockets with enough time left for him to go get some reps in the weight room in while the game was still going on.

Gobert’s night was admittedly strange, as not many players can get ejected just three minutes into the game, and at least one former NBA player noticed something was amiss. On Friday morning, Richard Jefferson was on ESPN and had a lot to say about what happened to Gobert.

Jefferson was not happy with the officials that ejected Gobert on Thursday night and was highly critical of the way officials treat players after they’ve been reprimanded by the league.

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