Rudy Gobert Got Ejected Against The Rockets And Immediately Started Working Out

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Rudy Gobert had an eventful night. Well, he didn’t have an eventful night in the way he usually does, mostly because the Stifle Tower didn’t get the chance to be the game-changing defensive player he’s capable of being at his absolute best for the Utah Jazz. That’s because it took all of three minutes for Utah’s big man to get ejected during the team’s home game against the Houston Rockets.

Things weren’t going well for Gobert in the early going, as he got called for two fouls in the early going. One happened on the opening tip, another happened while James Harden was trying to check him down low. Gobert was heated, which led to this happening.

It’s been a long year for the Jazz, which came into the game at 12-13 on the season, so if this is a case of that boiling over, it would make sense. Or perhaps Gobert was just mad at how the game was being called early. Who knows?

What we do know is that Gobert had way too much time on his hands, so he went to the back to watch the game. But he also didn’t get much of a chance to work up a sweat, so he decided to hit the exercise bike and post to his Instagram account.

Give Gobert credit: This is certainly a way to make the best of a subpar situation.

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