Rick Carlisle Shot Down The Rumors About DeAndre Jordan’s Fit In The Most Forceful Way Possible

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The Dallas Mavericks look like they’re starting to find their form. Despite a slow start to a season, the Mavericks have won three in a row and are creeping closer and closer to .500 in a loaded Western Conference. For a team that entered the year with hopes of making it back to the postseason, it was a less-than-ideal beginning to the year, even if there’s plenty of time to right the ship.

One issue has been the team’s signing of DeAndre Jordan, which is a bit of a surprise, as the veteran center was a big reason for the optimism surrounding Dallas this preseason. Jordan has struggled on the floor, but even more concerning has been the report that he’s rubbing his teammates the wrong way.

It seemed as though Jordan had the support of his teammates after the report dropped, and on Friday, Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle was asked whether Jordan was, indeed, not meshing in the locker room. Carlisle is not one to ever bite his tongue, but even by his standards, his response was rather forceful.

More broadly, this is a good lesson about always being honest and communicating thoughts clearly. But when it comes to Jordan’s relationship with his teammates in Dallas, Carlisle stressed that everything is good in the most Rick Carlisle way possible.