Right Now, Tracy McGrady And Allen Iverson Are Still Starting In The All-Star Game

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Today marked the final balloting update leading to the announcement of the All-Star starters on Thursday, Jan. 21, prior to a TNT doubleheader – and right now, Tracy McGrady and Allen Iverson are in the starting lineups. Check out the numbers:

Eastern Conference

Guards: Dwyane Wade 1,719,359; Allen Iverson 930,713; Vince Carter 745,581; Ray Allen 510,885; Gilbert Arenas 445,473; Derrick Rose 385,829; Joe Johnson 329,100; Rajon Rondo 269,566; Jose Calderon 157,354; Mike Bibby 155,078.

Forwards: LeBron James 1,769,287; Kevin Garnett 1,467,365; Chris Bosh 724,317; Paul Pierce 366,234; Josh Smith 334,338; Andre Iguodala 228,343; Danny Granger 213,371; Michael Beasley 188,552; Rashard Lewis 151,717; Hedo Turkoglu 133,445; Caron Butler 110,003.

Centers: Dwight Howard 1,681,897; Shaquille O’Neal 609,486; Al Horford 178,360; Andrea Bargnani 168,684; Brook Lopez 154,362; Andrew Bogut 143,545; Jermaine O’Neal 111,065; Rasheed Wallace 87,590; Kendrick Perkins 56,598; Samuel Dalembert 53,880; Tyson Chandler 44,279; Brad Miller 40,182.

Western Conference

Guards: Kobe Bryant 1,793,782; Tracy McGrady 746,625; Steve Nash 744,250; Chris Paul 701,417; Aaron Brooks 443,369; Jason Kidd 429,720; Chauncey Billups 310,281; Deron Williams 285,185; Manu Ginobili 261,107; Brandon Roy 257,231; Tony Parker 248,951.

Forwards: Carmelo Anthony 1,568,259; Dirk Nowitzki 826,130; Tim Duncan 776,225; Pau Gasol 754,070; Kevin Durant 556,847; Trevor Ariza 504,725; Luis Scola 437,944; Shawn Marion 295,310; Ron Artest 266,554; Lamar Odom 194,567; LaMarcus Aldridge 177,663.

Centers: Amar’e Stoudemire 1,304,470; Andrew Bynum 743,182; Nene 261,295; Marc Gasol 217,675; Antonio McDyess 157,346; Al Jefferson 146,773; Greg Oden 136,388; Marcus Camby 121,981; Andris Biedrins 102,095; Mehmet Okur 96,897; Emeka Okafor 94,685; Spencer Hawes 31,767.

Couple observations:

1. The fact that both McGrady and Iverson would start in the All-Star game if voting ended today is just crazy. What is this, 2001?

2. Forget the Celtics and the Lakers, the most popular team in the WORLD is the Houston Rockets. How else do you explain Aaron Brooks getting more All-Star votes than Deron Williams, Brandon Roy and Tony Parker and Trevor Ariza/Luis Scola placing right behind Kevin Durant. If Carl Landry made the ballot, I’m sure he’d be the starting center for the West.

3. After all the Celtics’ success, I’m really surprised that Rajon Rondo only has 269,566 votes. I thought that Rondo had a chance last season, but I’m pretty sure he’s a lock this year.

What are your thoughts on all this?

Following the completion of fan voting and the starting lineup announcement, the remaining All-Stars will be announced Thursday, Jan. 28, prior to the TNT doubleheader.

Source: NBA.com

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