Robert Sacre Participated In Japan’s B-League Dunk Contest And Had Some Trouble


Robert Sacre was the 60th overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, spending four years with the Lakers before signing with the Pelicans as a free agent in 2016 before eventually being cut in training camp.

Since then, you probably haven’t thought a ton about the former Gonzaga big man and Lakers reserve, but he’s still playing professional hoops overseas in Japan’s B-League. As reddit user r/TraeRoyalty found, Sacre is not only an All-Star in Japan but he’s also competing in dunk contests.

The latter part may be a surprise, considering Sacre was not considered among the NBA’s high flyers as a big man during his time with the Lakers. That’s not to say Sacre can’t dunk, but he’s not someone you’d call bouncy with the kind of hops you’d expect to see in a dunk contest, but there he was, participating in the 2018 B-League dunk contest. . Sacre seemed to be approaching the dunk contest casually, but maybe a bit too casually as his first dunk attempt resulted in him getting stuffed by the rim.

Sacre would then throw down a fairly standard two-handed jam, resulting in a surprisingly high score of 45, which begs the question of what do the rest of the dunks in the B-League Dunk Contest look like. The answer is, not particularly great! (Also, you might want to mute this cause this guy’s commentary is, well, it’s a lot and loud.)

There are some solid dunks in there and understanding the B-League is not filled with the freak athletes of the NBA, this is pretty solid. I will also say this, the one dunk format really puts the pressure on, although the judging here was even softer than that in the NBA Dunk Contest, which is saying something.

As for Sacre, he had a strong 16 points and 13 rebounds in the All-Star game itself, with plenty of dunks sprinkled in, so he might just be an in-game dunker.