Roger Mason Jr. Accused The BIG3 Of Having A ‘Hostile And Racist’ Work Environment After His Firing

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The BIG3 went through a bit of a front office shakeup on Monday afternoon, as word came out that commissioner Roger Mason Jr. was fired amid allegations of corruption stemming from his involvement with Qatari investors in the league. Shortly after, Mason released a statement regarding his firing and levied a number of severe allegations against those who run the league.

Mason claimed the league’s executives were putting out “desperate manufactured claims against me,” and that the BIG3 possessed a “hostile and racist” work environment which played a role in people leaving the league.

His most serious accusations came against league co-founder Jeff Kwatinetz, who Mason claims would use the n-word as he would describe black athletes. Beyond that, Mason accused Kwatinetz of making “countless unfounded attacks on my integrity, character, and leadership,” and said that the league’s co-founder acted in such a way that he wasn’t able to perform his duties as the league’s commissioner.

Here is Mason’s entire statement, via Matt Dollinger of Sports Illustrated.

The league has not issued a response to Mason’s comments, nor has it said anything publicly against the lawsuit that the former NBPA deputy executive directory has levied. But these are serious accusations that undoubtedly warrant a response from BIG3.