Roger Mason Jr. Reportedly Has Been Fired As BIG3 Commissioner Amid Corruption Allegations

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The BIG3 is back in the news this week as Ice Cube’s star-studded summer hoops tournament announced its full schedule for its much-anticipated season two return on Monday. The league promises to be bigger and better this time around, with several new cities added to the tour and a bevy of former NBA stars slated to join the fun.

The BIG3 is also undergoing some major changes at the upper management level as they head into their second season. Commissioner Roger Mason Jr. has apparently been fired amid an investigation of corruption charges involving the Qatari investors who originally pledged millions to help fund the venture, according to TMZ Sports.

Ice Cube, who founded the BIG3, will take over as the commissioner in the interim as the table appears to be set for a lengthy legal battle as the league has already filed a lawsuit against the investors in question.

TMZ Sports obtained the letter that was sent to those in the league offering details into the reason for the termination, as Mason had allegedly benefit financially from the investors while they withheld funds from the league itself.

The letter details a corruption investigation involving Mason and his ties to two Qatari investors who allegedly stiffed the league out of millions of dollars…investors that Mason brought to the league in the first place.

BIG3 sued the investors Ayman Sabi and Ahmed Al-Rumaihi — but Mason allegedly refused to cooperate with the league because of his personal relationship with the men.

The league says Mason had an obligation to side with BIG3 due to his role as Commish.

One of the problems, the league says it found evidence the Qataris were showering certain BIG3 employees with gifts and vacations while refusing to pay the league. The insinuation is that Mason was one of the beneficiaries and it corrupted his ability to effectively run the league.

The league will begin its search for a new commissioner shortly and it will be interesting to see what response Mason has to the allegations against him.