Scottie Pippen Revealed That His Relationship With Michael Jordan Was Once Non-Existent

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The Toronto Raptors are cooking in the early going of the 2017-2018 NBA season and, once again, the duo of Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan is leading the way for Canada’s team. With that in mind, DeRozan’s insistence that the backcourt mates “didn’t say one word” to one another during their first season together garnered real traction this week.

On Tuesday, Hall of Fame forward Scottie Pippen was prompted about those comments on ESPN’s The Jump. Pippen assured everyone that the situation between Lowry and DeRozan in the early going wasn’t altogether unusual and, beyond that, he revealed that “there was no bonding or relationship” between he and Michael Jordan when Pippen arrived in the league.

It will certainly raise some eyebrows that Pippen and Jordan didn’t roll together in the early years, even if the broadcast made sure to note that the duo became close later in their respective careers. Of course, Pippen also indicated that the “relationship never came around” with fellow standout Dennis Rodman but the men found enough common ground to co-exist on the floor and, in the end, that is basically all that matters.

By all accounts, Lowry and DeRozan are getting along swimmingly now and success has followed them in Toronto. Obviously, Jordan and Pippen had little troubling putting together a dynastic run in the 1990’s and, while chemistry on the floor is important, these stories are a reminder that not all top-tier teammates are best friends off the floor.