Shannon Sharpe Brought An Actual Goat Wearing A LeBron Jersey On ‘Undisputed’

Shannon Sharpe loves him some LeBron James. The Hall of Fame tight end turned sports talk host of FS1’s Undisputed has long professed his love for his GOAT, LeBron, and as such with the Lakers winning Game 6 and hoisting the Larry O’Brien trophy on Sunday night, you knew he was going to put on quite the performance opposite the preeminent LeBron-hater, Skip Bayless, on Monday.

Sharpe did not disappoint, arriving in his favorite rubber goat mask and a king’s cape to rub LeBron’s latest title in Skip’s face, but he took it a step further later as he walked a real, live goat wearing a LeBron jersey and a crown into the studio and attempted to get it to shake his hand like a dog would — while Bayless openly rooted for it to bite him as he fed it treats.

Shannon would eventually lead it back out of the set and hand it off to its handler, while thanking it and calling it “the real goat” and his friend. I appreciate the genuine happiness that this stunt brought Shannon and also that he made it a quick bit so as not to subject the goat to, like, sitting on set while he and Skip yelled at each other. Monday was a great day for LeBron fans to take a victory lap and none did so with more gusto than Shannon Sharpe.