Shaq Screamed At Charles Barkley For Daring To Say It’s Harder To Score On A DPOY

The TNT crew is on the road in San Francisco for the Western Conference Finals and it appears adding a live crowd only encourages them to get spicy with each other on air.

While discussing the Eastern Conference Finals and Jimmy Butler’s sensational Game 1 performance, with Dwyane Wade joining the crew, Charles Barkley made the rather tepid take that it’ll be harder to score like that when Defensive Player of the Year Marcus Smart is back in the lineup for Boston. That, for some reason, infuriated Shaq who insisted Jimmy Butler has crested into a different stratosphere of superstardom in which he can score on anyone whenever he wants, to the dismay of Chuck (and Kenny), as the two screamed at each other for two minutes (again).

The best part is Shaq yelling for someone to “call Dikembe Mutombo” and ask about the time Shaq dominated him in the 2001 NBA Finals, which is honestly a pretty good argument from him. The problem, as Chuck tries to note but can’t ever really get out because Shaq is extremely mad about all of this, is that Butler isn’t Shaq and that’s not an apples to apples comparison. As Kenny notes, Jimmy can go out and get 28 a night no matter the defenders, but to suggest he can get 40 whenever he wants is probably a bit too far. Still, it’s highly entertaining and Dwyane was enjoying the entire thing sipping out of his cup and just watching the drama unfold.