Skip Bayless Calls Charles Barkley, Who Famously Wants To Kill Him, ‘My Dream Partner For Undisputed’

Charles Barkley really hates Skip Bayless. I will link to posts we have written here, here, and here on this subject, along with this post here. Chuck’s commitment to being brutally honest is one of his best traits as a personality, and when it comes to Bayless, he takes things up a level, like the time that he said he’d kill Bayless on live television if he knew he was dying. (We have a post about that, too!)

Anyway, we say all of that as background for this video posted to the official Twitter account of Bayless’ podcast, where Skip took some time to discuss Chuck made about Shannon Sharpe on UndisputedChuck called him a “damn idiot” and cracked a joke about getting a buyout. But because this is Skip Bayless, he decided to turn this around on Chuck by, well, you’ll see.

“Charles Barkley would be my dream debate partner on Undisputed,” Bayless said. “I would dive out of bed, every morning out here in Los Angeles, as 2 o’clock in the morning to get to work with Charles. Please, Charles. Please come and, please, work with me — me, this damn idiot. Please. What a joy it would be to do battle every day with Charles Barkley, live, on television.”

There is a lot more in the video that you could watch if you want, but I am pretty sure this is not going to happen.