Charles Barkley Lets Skip Bayless Know He’ll Need ‘A Full Body Cast’ If He ‘Got Him In A Room By Himself’

The Los Angeles Lakers were eliminated from the playoffs on Thursday night, and as a result, the Inside the NBA highlighted them in their very silly but very unfortunate eulogy of a segment, Gone Fishin’. The Portland Trail Blazers, who were eliminated earlier in the night by the Denver Nuggets, got first billing, with the Lakers going second.

L.A.’s fishin’ trip featured a ton of celebrities jumping off of a boat alongside LeBron James. There was one person in particular who was shrouded in mystery, largely because they were in a wheelchair and a gigantic full-body cast. It stands to reason this was meant to be an Anthony Davis dig, but Charles Barkley had another idea.

“Who is the guy in the wheelchair?” Kenny Smith asked.

“That would be Skip Bayless if I ever got him in a room by himself,” Barkley responded. “If I ever get Skip Bayless alone, that’s what he’s gonna need, a full body cast.”

Bayless, of course, has made his career off of having very hot LeBron James takes when he isn’t trying to fool people into thinking Tim Tebow is an NFL-level quarterback. Barkley has never made it a secret that he’s put off by Bayless’ schtick, so we’re gonna guess that the pair aren’t gonna hash things out on Fox Sports any time soon.