Draymond Green Is Getting Trolled By Smash Mouth, A Band That Was Relevant 20 Years Ago

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01.07.17 2 Comments

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We’re only seven days into 2017, but we already have a clear frontrunner for feud of the year. On one side, we have Draymond Green, a professional basketball player who is better at hoops than approximately 99.99999999 percent of all human beings. On the other, we have Smash Mouth, a band which once proudly proclaimed “I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed” and covered “I’m a Believer” for the soundtrack to Shrek.

Recently, Smash Mouth has undergone a transformation from “band that exists” to “angry Bay Area sports fans on Twitter.” Most notably, the band has gotten into it with the Oakland Athletics, a feud which led to the Chicago Cubs subtweeting the As. It’s been incredibly weird.

Anyway, the band is now setting its sights on Green. Why? Well, it seems like they take issue with Green yelling at Kevin Durant during Golden State’s collapse against Memphis on Friday night.

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